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J- Just To Get To High (Nickelback)
A- All Ends Well (Alter Bridge)
C- Come As You Are (Nirvana)
O- One (Metallica)
B- Bridge Burning (Foo Fighters)

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Top ten favourite Foo Fighters songs

Hello avid readers, Jacob here with another personal list. Remember a while back I told you my top ten Black Stone Cherry songs. Well I’m going to do the same here, but with my top ten Foo Fighters songs instead. Keep an eye out for your favourite Foos tune and as always, if you think I’m wrong, I’d love to hear it. Tweet me @Mrfunkilicious or message the blog on here, we’ll see what can be done. So, without further ado, here are my top ten favourite Foo Fighters songs. Enjoy-

10- Everlong (The Colour and The Shape- Track 11)

First on the list of my personal favourite Foos tracks is one from their first album as a group- because, as we all know, the first Foos album was Dave Grohl on his own. ‘The Colour And The Shape’ was released in 1997 and spawned four singles, the second of which was ‘Everlong’. The song was written to the backdrop of the end of Dave Grohl’s first marriage. The riff was written first and the lyrics were added afterwards, in light of Dave Grohl falling for a new woman (man he works quickly). The video is typical Foos, as in it makes absolutely no sense. It features (among other things) a giant telephone, a man with a chainsaw trying to murder a woman, the Foos hiding under Dave’s bed and an enormous, super-powered hand. And yes, you did read that correctly. The video was nominated for best rock video at the MTV Music Video awards in 1998, but lost out to ‘Pink’ by Aerosmith. The song also makes a beautiful acoustic track, as you can hear on the Foos live acoustic album ‘Skin and Bones’ and their Greatest Hits. The song’s powerful lyrics and catchy riff make it a great song, and for that reason, it’s going on the list. Have a listen on me-

9- Rope (Wasting Light- Track 2)

The ninth song on my list is one from the Foos latest musical offering ‘Wasting Light’ which came out in 2011. The first single ‘Rope’ owes itself to Dave Grohl’s love of bands like Rush and Led Zepplin and features harsh angular chords and an unusual rhythm. Foos guitarist Chris Shiflett says the song ‘makes no sense’ but it still works. Wow, a song so powerful even one of the musicians doesn’t understand it. That has to make it list-worthy, right? The music video was directed entirely by Dave Grohl and, for some unknown reason, was shot in VHS. The white cube in which the band play is meant to be inspired by Grohl’s garage, where Wasting Light was recorded (of course). The song made it’s live premiere at the 2011 NME awards, where Dave Grohl picked up the award for ‘Godlike Genius’. An award, well deserved. The song is catchy as hell, has an awesome solo is great to headbang to. So, in honour of Dave’s ‘Godlike Genius’ have a listen to ‘Rope’-

8- Learn To Fly (There Is Nothing Left To Lose- Track 3)

The eighth track to make the cut comes from the Foos third album (first with drummer Taylor Hawkins) 1999’s ‘There Is Nothing Left To Lose’. This album is seen as a change in approach from the Foo Fighters’ previous work, harder songs such as ‘Everlong’ were ditched in favour of slower, more melodic songs, like this one- ‘Learn To Fly’. The song’s lyrics are more deep than previous Foos songs- the speaker is ‘Looking for a sign of life’ and he ‘thinks he’s done nursing the patience’. But, what really sets the song apart is it’s music video. If you haven’t seen it I won’t spoil it, but, keep an eye out for a few things, including Tenacious D, Taylor Hawkins in drag and a baby with a man’s head. Classic Foos. A great song, a Grammy award-winning hilarious video, it had to be on the list. Please, you know you love it-

7- Best Of You (In Your Honour- Track 3 Disc 1)

Now, I took a while to like this song, for some reason when I first heard, I decided I didn’t enjoy it. Not really sure why. But, when I took the time to listen over it, I discovered I had been an idiot. The song is ‘Best Of You’ from the band’s fifth outing ‘In Your Honour’. ‘in Your Honour’ was special for a number of reasons. Firstly, it marked the tenth anniversary of the Foos existence, which made everyone very happy. Secondly, it was a double album, one side featuring the heavier, more normal Foos songs, and the other, smoother, softer songs, much like those on ‘Skin And Bones’. The album also featured performances from singer Norah Jones, Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme and legendary bassist (and member of Dave Grohl’s side project Them Crooked Vultures) John Paul Jones. ‘Best Of You’ was the lead single and serves that purpose well, becoming the first (and currently only) Foo Fighters single to reach Platinum status in the USA. The music video was directed by Mark Pellington, who, inspired by the death of his wife, filled the video with images of pain, anger and destruction, much the same as he must have felt. The band are even playing atop an abandoned hospital, connoting destruction and the forsaking of life. The question is ‘Is someone getting the best of you?’ and perhaps that someone is God in this video, and the ‘you’ is Pellington’s wife. So, in honour of Mrs. Pellington, please enjoy the video, and wonder, who gets the best of you?-

6- Disenchanted Lullaby (One By One- Track 5)

Sixth place on my list is very interesting indeed. ‘Disenchanted Lullaby’, from the Foos fourth album ‘One By One’, is the only song on my list never released as a single. The album was a huge success, topping the UK charts, winning the band their second consecutive Grammy for ‘Best Rock Album’ and spawning huge singles. However, the recording process did raise tensions between the band members, with the arrival of new guitarist Chris Shiflett setting things uneasy. As a result, the band now hold ‘One By One’ with a certain degree of distaste. But what about the song? It shocks me that this never came out as a single, I had to buy the whole album just to listen to it. But totally worth it, and I stumbled across some other fine Foos songs too. So, judge it for yourself, do you think ‘Disenchanted Lullaby’ should have been released as a single? We’d love to hear from you-

5- Wheels (Greatest Hits- Track 14)

We’re halfway though our list of epic Foo-ness, has your favourite come up yet? If not, then stick around, maybe it might just crop up. If it has then you’re free to go. Just kidding, please keep reading, we need you. Fifth on the list is another obscure Foos song, seeing as it was never released on a studio album. ‘Wheels’ was one of two brand new songs recorded for the band’s 2009 compilation album ‘Greatest Hits’. The song was played live for the first time outside the White House itself, during an Independence Day celebration, honouring military servicemen and women. Wheels has a great sound to it, and gives me chills every time I hear it. I particularly enjoy the bit in the middle, when the guitar picks up, those beautiful bends still give me goosebumps. So, to mark the halfway point in our list, please enjoy ‘Wheels’-

4- All My Life (One By One- Track 1)

One of the heaviest Foos tracks ever, ‘All My Life’ makes my top four. Dave Grohl became tired of slower, more radio-friendly songs as singles when it came to ‘One By One’, so, ‘All My Life’ was designated the lead single. It turned out to be an excellent choice indeed. The song started life as an instrumental, but on the advice of the band’s manager, Grohl put words to it, originally doubting how he was going to keep up. But keep up he did, and thank god he did. The song won the band a Grammy for ‘Best Hard Rock Performance’ and became only their second song to reach the top ten in the UK singles chart, following ‘This Is A Call’, the first single from their debut album. Grohl took the directing reins for the video, which is a simple performance video in an empty arena. An almost polar opposite to the comedic Foos videos of old. The song is a great rock anthem, with a simple hook, featuring more palm muting than Kirk Hammet’s wet dreams. I love this song, and I know a lot of other people do too, so I know this is gonna get watched-

3- Times Like These (One By One- Track 4)

Here it is, the top three, and it starts with a Foos classic. ‘Times Like These’ is was second single from my favourite Foos album (if you hadn’t already guessed) ‘One By One’. The song describes the tense period that the band was going through at the time, and describes Dave Grohl rediscovering himself, hence the lyrics ‘I’m a new day rising’. Whilst the song is brilliant, speaking as a guitarist, the riff is bloody tiring to play, not to mention the fact it’s in 7/4 time signature (for all you non-musicians out there, that means that seven lots of notes are played in four bars of music, as opposed to a regularly structured song, which might be in 4/4 or 8/4). This is also the song that sparked the Foo Fighter’s political interests, because the song was used by George Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign, without the band’s notice. So, the band became more politically active, in the end siding with Bush’s opponent, John Kerry. Bush won, by the way. Two videos were filmed for this song. The first version featured the band playing against a green screen, which is projecting bright, kaleidoscopic colours. However, it wasn’t long before the band decided they didn’t like this video and opted to film another. As a result, the video gets very little air time stateside, and is often referred to as the ‘UK version’ of the video. The second video features the band playing under a bridge, from which people are dropping material objects, such as furniture and games consoles, off onto the ground, to symbolise the shallowness of material possession. Much deeper than some pretty colours, eh guys? But which one to put a link to? Sod it, lets have both, because, let’s face, it’s a song worth listening to twice-

UK version-

Cool car-droppy version-

(N.B- Keep an eye on Dave’s guitar in the second one, you mig recognise it from another video on this list)

2- The Pretender (Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace- Track 1)

So, the penultimate song, the one just missing out on the top spot in my countdown of top ten Foo Fighter songs is the one and only ‘The Pretender’. From the Foos sixth album ‘Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace’, the song was originally called ‘Silver Heart’ but saw little development under this name. When the name was changed, the band got to work on it, creating, in the words of Lord Dave of Grohl, ‘A stomping, uptempo Foo Fighters song, with a little bit of Chuck Berry in it’. Whilst there is a tribute to the Prince of Rock and Roll in there, there was possibly another, more modern influence on Dave’s song writing. Dave says that a song sang by Big Bird on ‘Sesame Street’ called ‘One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others’ may have had a small, subconscious part to play in the writing of the chorus for ‘The Pretender’. I can see it. As well as being an awesome anthem, the song has one of, is not the best video for a Foo Fighters song of all time. Still gives me goosebumps during the pause. A simple but powerful video, for an awesome song, and one that holds particularly good memories for me- it’s the first Foo Fighters song I ever bought. It may not have been top of the list, but it’s still a top drawer song. Here it is, ‘The Pretender’-

1- Arlandria (Wasting Light- Track 5)

So, here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Unless you skipped straight to the bottom, then it’s the moment you couldn’t be bothered to wait for! My personal favourite Foo Fighters song, the best, the one above all others, from ‘Wasting Light’- it’s ‘Arlandria’. The third single from said album, ‘Arlandria’ is a reference to the neighbourhood in Virginia where Dave Grohl grew up- an area now famous for foreign-owned bakeries, don’t you know. The song also features a reference to the nursery rhyme ‘Rain Rain, Go Away’, which Dave Grohl says ‘has a singsong cadence’ that ‘has a place in Rock’. God knows what he plays to his kids at bedtime, probably Slayer. Whilst the song has no official music video, the video used to promote it is a live recording of the song from the 2011 iTunes festival in London. It’s a pretty obscure track to be my favourite, but I just love it, the changing dynamics of the verses, the beautiful dives down the fretboard throughout the song and lyrics that hit home. It’s an awesome song, and my favourite. If you don’t fancy the live version, I’ll put up and audio clip too, but please enjoy my favourite Foo Fighters song, of all time, ‘Arlandria’-

Audio clip-

Live at iTunes-

So, that’s it folks, my list is done. But, there are far too many awesome Foo Fighter songs to limit down to just ten, so here’s a list of Foos songs I love, but unfortunately, had to omit-

My Hero
Monkey Wrench
Long Road To Ruin
Skin and Bones
Walking After You
Cold Day In The Sun
Friend Of A Friend
Bridge Burning
White Limo
These Days

I could go on. If you think that one of those should have made the list, or if you have some other, totally crazy song, maybe from their debut album (the only one not contributing to the list, sorry) the as always, drop us a line. We love hearing from you, really, we do. That’s it for another list folks, so, until next time, keep your heads high and your hands higher friends, bye for now

- Jacob T. Simmons