Top ten favourite Foo Fighters songs

Hello avid readers, Jacob here with another personal list. Remember a while back I told you my top ten Black Stone Cherry songs. Well I’m going to do the same here, but with my top ten Foo Fighters songs instead. Keep an eye out for your favourite Foos tune and as always, if you think I’m wrong, I’d love to hear it. Tweet me @Mrfunkilicious or message the blog on here, we’ll see what can be done. So, without further ado, here are my top ten favourite Foo Fighters songs. Enjoy-

10- Everlong (The Colour and The Shape- Track 11)

First on the list of my personal favourite Foos tracks is one from their first album as a group- because, as we all know, the first Foos album was Dave Grohl on his own. ‘The Colour And The Shape’ was released in 1997 and spawned four singles, the second of which was ‘Everlong’. The song was written to the backdrop of the end of Dave Grohl’s first marriage. The riff was written first and the lyrics were added afterwards, in light of Dave Grohl falling for a new woman (man he works quickly). The video is typical Foos, as in it makes absolutely no sense. It features (among other things) a giant telephone, a man with a chainsaw trying to murder a woman, the Foos hiding under Dave’s bed and an enormous, super-powered hand. And yes, you did read that correctly. The video was nominated for best rock video at the MTV Music Video awards in 1998, but lost out to ‘Pink’ by Aerosmith. The song also makes a beautiful acoustic track, as you can hear on the Foos live acoustic album ‘Skin and Bones’ and their Greatest Hits. The song’s powerful lyrics and catchy riff make it a great song, and for that reason, it’s going on the list. Have a listen on me-

9- Rope (Wasting Light- Track 2)

The ninth song on my list is one from the Foos latest musical offering ‘Wasting Light’ which came out in 2011. The first single ‘Rope’ owes itself to Dave Grohl’s love of bands like Rush and Led Zepplin and features harsh angular chords and an unusual rhythm. Foos guitarist Chris Shiflett says the song ‘makes no sense’ but it still works. Wow, a song so powerful even one of the musicians doesn’t understand it. That has to make it list-worthy, right? The music video was directed entirely by Dave Grohl and, for some unknown reason, was shot in VHS. The white cube in which the band play is meant to be inspired by Grohl’s garage, where Wasting Light was recorded (of course). The song made it’s live premiere at the 2011 NME awards, where Dave Grohl picked up the award for ‘Godlike Genius’. An award, well deserved. The song is catchy as hell, has an awesome solo is great to headbang to. So, in honour of Dave’s ‘Godlike Genius’ have a listen to ‘Rope’-

8- Learn To Fly (There Is Nothing Left To Lose- Track 3)

The eighth track to make the cut comes from the Foos third album (first with drummer Taylor Hawkins) 1999’s ‘There Is Nothing Left To Lose’. This album is seen as a change in approach from the Foo Fighters’ previous work, harder songs such as ‘Everlong’ were ditched in favour of slower, more melodic songs, like this one- ‘Learn To Fly’. The song’s lyrics are more deep than previous Foos songs- the speaker is ‘Looking for a sign of life’ and he ‘thinks he’s done nursing the patience’. But, what really sets the song apart is it’s music video. If you haven’t seen it I won’t spoil it, but, keep an eye out for a few things, including Tenacious D, Taylor Hawkins in drag and a baby with a man’s head. Classic Foos. A great song, a Grammy award-winning hilarious video, it had to be on the list. Please, you know you love it-

7- Best Of You (In Your Honour- Track 3 Disc 1)

Now, I took a while to like this song, for some reason when I first heard, I decided I didn’t enjoy it. Not really sure why. But, when I took the time to listen over it, I discovered I had been an idiot. The song is ‘Best Of You’ from the band’s fifth outing ‘In Your Honour’. ‘in Your Honour’ was special for a number of reasons. Firstly, it marked the tenth anniversary of the Foos existence, which made everyone very happy. Secondly, it was a double album, one side featuring the heavier, more normal Foos songs, and the other, smoother, softer songs, much like those on ‘Skin And Bones’. The album also featured performances from singer Norah Jones, Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme and legendary bassist (and member of Dave Grohl’s side project Them Crooked Vultures) John Paul Jones. ‘Best Of You’ was the lead single and serves that purpose well, becoming the first (and currently only) Foo Fighters single to reach Platinum status in the USA. The music video was directed by Mark Pellington, who, inspired by the death of his wife, filled the video with images of pain, anger and destruction, much the same as he must have felt. The band are even playing atop an abandoned hospital, connoting destruction and the forsaking of life. The question is ‘Is someone getting the best of you?’ and perhaps that someone is God in this video, and the ‘you’ is Pellington’s wife. So, in honour of Mrs. Pellington, please enjoy the video, and wonder, who gets the best of you?-

6- Disenchanted Lullaby (One By One- Track 5)

Sixth place on my list is very interesting indeed. ‘Disenchanted Lullaby’, from the Foos fourth album ‘One By One’, is the only song on my list never released as a single. The album was a huge success, topping the UK charts, winning the band their second consecutive Grammy for ‘Best Rock Album’ and spawning huge singles. However, the recording process did raise tensions between the band members, with the arrival of new guitarist Chris Shiflett setting things uneasy. As a result, the band now hold ‘One By One’ with a certain degree of distaste. But what about the song? It shocks me that this never came out as a single, I had to buy the whole album just to listen to it. But totally worth it, and I stumbled across some other fine Foos songs too. So, judge it for yourself, do you think ‘Disenchanted Lullaby’ should have been released as a single? We’d love to hear from you-

5- Wheels (Greatest Hits- Track 14)

We’re halfway though our list of epic Foo-ness, has your favourite come up yet? If not, then stick around, maybe it might just crop up. If it has then you’re free to go. Just kidding, please keep reading, we need you. Fifth on the list is another obscure Foos song, seeing as it was never released on a studio album. ‘Wheels’ was one of two brand new songs recorded for the band’s 2009 compilation album ‘Greatest Hits’. The song was played live for the first time outside the White House itself, during an Independence Day celebration, honouring military servicemen and women. Wheels has a great sound to it, and gives me chills every time I hear it. I particularly enjoy the bit in the middle, when the guitar picks up, those beautiful bends still give me goosebumps. So, to mark the halfway point in our list, please enjoy ‘Wheels’-

4- All My Life (One By One- Track 1)

One of the heaviest Foos tracks ever, ‘All My Life’ makes my top four. Dave Grohl became tired of slower, more radio-friendly songs as singles when it came to ‘One By One’, so, ‘All My Life’ was designated the lead single. It turned out to be an excellent choice indeed. The song started life as an instrumental, but on the advice of the band’s manager, Grohl put words to it, originally doubting how he was going to keep up. But keep up he did, and thank god he did. The song won the band a Grammy for ‘Best Hard Rock Performance’ and became only their second song to reach the top ten in the UK singles chart, following ‘This Is A Call’, the first single from their debut album. Grohl took the directing reins for the video, which is a simple performance video in an empty arena. An almost polar opposite to the comedic Foos videos of old. The song is a great rock anthem, with a simple hook, featuring more palm muting than Kirk Hammet’s wet dreams. I love this song, and I know a lot of other people do too, so I know this is gonna get watched-

3- Times Like These (One By One- Track 4)

Here it is, the top three, and it starts with a Foos classic. ‘Times Like These’ is was second single from my favourite Foos album (if you hadn’t already guessed) ‘One By One’. The song describes the tense period that the band was going through at the time, and describes Dave Grohl rediscovering himself, hence the lyrics ‘I’m a new day rising’. Whilst the song is brilliant, speaking as a guitarist, the riff is bloody tiring to play, not to mention the fact it’s in 7/4 time signature (for all you non-musicians out there, that means that seven lots of notes are played in four bars of music, as opposed to a regularly structured song, which might be in 4/4 or 8/4). This is also the song that sparked the Foo Fighter’s political interests, because the song was used by George Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign, without the band’s notice. So, the band became more politically active, in the end siding with Bush’s opponent, John Kerry. Bush won, by the way. Two videos were filmed for this song. The first version featured the band playing against a green screen, which is projecting bright, kaleidoscopic colours. However, it wasn’t long before the band decided they didn’t like this video and opted to film another. As a result, the video gets very little air time stateside, and is often referred to as the ‘UK version’ of the video. The second video features the band playing under a bridge, from which people are dropping material objects, such as furniture and games consoles, off onto the ground, to symbolise the shallowness of material possession. Much deeper than some pretty colours, eh guys? But which one to put a link to? Sod it, lets have both, because, let’s face, it’s a song worth listening to twice-

UK version-

Cool car-droppy version-

(N.B- Keep an eye on Dave’s guitar in the second one, you mig recognise it from another video on this list)

2- The Pretender (Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace- Track 1)

So, the penultimate song, the one just missing out on the top spot in my countdown of top ten Foo Fighter songs is the one and only ‘The Pretender’. From the Foos sixth album ‘Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace’, the song was originally called ‘Silver Heart’ but saw little development under this name. When the name was changed, the band got to work on it, creating, in the words of Lord Dave of Grohl, ‘A stomping, uptempo Foo Fighters song, with a little bit of Chuck Berry in it’. Whilst there is a tribute to the Prince of Rock and Roll in there, there was possibly another, more modern influence on Dave’s song writing. Dave says that a song sang by Big Bird on ‘Sesame Street’ called ‘One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others’ may have had a small, subconscious part to play in the writing of the chorus for ‘The Pretender’. I can see it. As well as being an awesome anthem, the song has one of, is not the best video for a Foo Fighters song of all time. Still gives me goosebumps during the pause. A simple but powerful video, for an awesome song, and one that holds particularly good memories for me- it’s the first Foo Fighters song I ever bought. It may not have been top of the list, but it’s still a top drawer song. Here it is, ‘The Pretender’-

1- Arlandria (Wasting Light- Track 5)

So, here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Unless you skipped straight to the bottom, then it’s the moment you couldn’t be bothered to wait for! My personal favourite Foo Fighters song, the best, the one above all others, from ‘Wasting Light’- it’s ‘Arlandria’. The third single from said album, ‘Arlandria’ is a reference to the neighbourhood in Virginia where Dave Grohl grew up- an area now famous for foreign-owned bakeries, don’t you know. The song also features a reference to the nursery rhyme ‘Rain Rain, Go Away’, which Dave Grohl says ‘has a singsong cadence’ that ‘has a place in Rock’. God knows what he plays to his kids at bedtime, probably Slayer. Whilst the song has no official music video, the video used to promote it is a live recording of the song from the 2011 iTunes festival in London. It’s a pretty obscure track to be my favourite, but I just love it, the changing dynamics of the verses, the beautiful dives down the fretboard throughout the song and lyrics that hit home. It’s an awesome song, and my favourite. If you don’t fancy the live version, I’ll put up and audio clip too, but please enjoy my favourite Foo Fighters song, of all time, ‘Arlandria’-

Audio clip-

Live at iTunes-

So, that’s it folks, my list is done. But, there are far too many awesome Foo Fighter songs to limit down to just ten, so here’s a list of Foos songs I love, but unfortunately, had to omit-

My Hero
Monkey Wrench
Long Road To Ruin
Skin and Bones
Walking After You
Cold Day In The Sun
Friend Of A Friend
Bridge Burning
White Limo
These Days

I could go on. If you think that one of those should have made the list, or if you have some other, totally crazy song, maybe from their debut album (the only one not contributing to the list, sorry) the as always, drop us a line. We love hearing from you, really, we do. That’s it for another list folks, so, until next time, keep your heads high and your hands higher friends, bye for now

- Jacob T. Simmons

Top 10 Names to be Rockstar

Hey guys. Ever thought of having kids? Perhaps you’ve got some on the way? Do you want them to have a normal, boring job like a woodwork teacher or an accountant? Or do you want them to be an ass-kicking, stage-wrecking rock star! If you said no to that last one then it’s probably time you unfollowed us because this new list is the top ten names to call your kids if you want them to be a rockstar. We trawled through the biographies of nearly one hundred bands, collecting the names of each member, past and present, and we have compiled a definitive list of the most common names in rock. So, if you do have a little tyke on the way then please feel free to use one of these names (but maybe consult your significant other first, don’t want them getting pissed). Enjoy!

N.B- since all the names are male, we have kindly presented a female alternative for that name, if you have a girl (but try your hardest not to, it’ll just be easier). You can thank us later…

10- Mark (11)

The first name to creep into our top ten is Mark, with 11 members from across the bands possessing that name. One of those such members is former Creed and current Alter Bridge lead guitarist Mark Tremonti. Tremonti was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1974 and met future Creed bandmate Scott Stapp first in high school and then freshman year in college. Tremonti was one of the founding members of Creed in 1993 and played on all three of their albums, including ‘Human Clay’ which spawned the Grammy award-winning single ‘With Arms Wide Open’. The band eventually disbanded in 2004 because of tensions between Stapp and the other members. Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall (who was one of ten Brians found) and Scott Phillips ( who was one of only four Scotts) asked Myles Kennedy (unsurprisingly the only Myles we found) to sing with them for their new band, eventually named Alter Bridge. The band have recorded four albums, including Rocker-fellas’ tenth best album of 2013 ‘Fortress’. Tremonti is one of the greatest shredders of all time, but also has a softer side, as you can see in the Alter Bridge song he wrote for his late mother, ‘In Loving Memory’- which is right here. A tribute to Marks everywhere
Female alternative- Margaret maybe? This one is hard.

9- Paul (11)

Also with eleven is our ninth name, Paul. Amongst the various Pauls we found is former Slipknot bassist Paul Gray. Born in Los Angeles, Gray later moved to, you guessed, Des Moines, Iowa where he helped found Slipknot alongside drummer Shawn Craham ( one of five Shawns/Seans). On 24th May 2010 Gray suffered an overdose of morphine and fentanyl in his hotel room and was found dead the next morning. His physician, Daniel Baldi, was eventually found guilty of Gray’s and at least seven other people’s deaths by involuntary manslaughter, after prescribing Gray the drugs even though he knew he had a history of addiction. Gray is survived by his wife Brenna, and his daughter, October. Gray won the Kerrang! award for services to metal posthumously in June the same year. Slipknot singer Corey Taylor sole red it on his behalf. As well as this, Revolver magazine’s Golden God award for best bassist is named in his honour. Paul Gray was a great talent cut short, like many, by tragic addiction. Slipknot isn’t the same without him, so, in his memory, here is Slipknot’s ‘Before I Forget’, lest we never forget Paul
Female Alternative- Paula or Pauline. Easy.

8- Peter/Pete (11)

Another score of eleven for Peter/Pete in our countdown of Names to be a Rockstar. One such Pete is Fall Out Boy bassist and pop-punk heartthrob Pete Wentz. Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III was born in 1979 in Wilmette, Illinois, which is just outside Chicago, if you were wondering. Pete could’ve been a football (soccer) player, but decided a career in music was ‘more of a challenge’. Good choice Pete. He and future Fall Out Boy guitarist Joe Trohman (one of ten Joes or Josephs) were originally in a band called Arma Angelus with future Rise Against frontman Tim Mcllrath. The band eventually split up in 2002, paving the way for Joe and Pete to join forces with Patrick Stump (one of only two Patricks) and Andy Hurley (one of three Andrews/Andys) to form the now legendary Fall Out Boy. Fall Out Boy have touched the hearts of millions worldwide, true revolutionaries of pop-punk and now conquering the mainstream. So, to celebrate, here’s a song for which Pete can take the credit for, their first single, ‘Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down’
Female Alterntaive- Peta. It’s a girls name. Look it up.

7- Anthony/Tony (11)

The final name to have eleven members is Anthony/Tony. One such member of this club is Black Sabbath founding member and lead guitarist Tony Iommi. Born in 1948 in Birmingham, UK, Tony was the son of Italian vineyard owners, but was raised mainly in England. At the age of 8 or 9 he fell and cut his lip whilst being chased by another boy. The scar that followed never healed, so, in true British fashion, he grew a moustache in later life to cover it up. Tony has always played guitar left-handed, a rare feat, even before an industrial accident lost him the tips of two fingers on his right hand at the age of 17. After a stint playing with Jethro Tull, Tony rejoined bandmates of a former band called Earth, William ‘Ozzy’ Osbourne (one of nine Williams), Terence ‘Geezer’ Butler (one of seven Terences) and Bill Ward (who was counted under William) under the name Black Sabbath. The future that lay ahead of them was a beautiful one, the forefathers of heavy metal, introducing such techniques as detuning, Black Sabbath are no less than Gods to us. After years of line-up changes and break ups, Osbourne, Butler and Iommi reformed in 2012 and, along with Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk (one of three Brads) released ‘13’ which topped the albums charts both sides of the Atlantic. Tony Iommi is a legend in the guitar business, a true hero who spawned a thousand shredders. Here is tribute to his skills, one of the best guitar riffs of all time, please enjoy ‘Iron Man’
Female Alternatives- Antonia or Tonya. Seems to work for us.

6- Matthew/Matt (12)

Narrowly missing out on the top five on our list is anyone by the name Matthew or Matt. One such rockstar who bares this name is Bullet For My Valentine frontman and AxeWound guitarist Matthew ‘Matt’ Tuck. Born in 1980 in Bridgend, Wales, Matt was originally lead singer of ‘Jeff Killed John’, until, in 2003, he, Michael ‘Padge’ Paget, Michael ‘Moose’ Thomas recruited new bassist Jason ‘Jay’ James (one of eight Jasons), who suggested they change their name. The rest is history. Bullet have sold over three million albums globally since 2003, as well as winning numerous awards, including ‘Best British Band’ at the Kerrang! awards three times, more than any other act. In 2012 Matt, along with Liam Dornier of Cancer Bats, Mike Kingswood of Glamour of the Kill, former Rise To Remain bassist Joe Copcutt and Pitchshifter drummer Jason Bowld formed Supergroup AxeWound, whose debut album ‘Vultures’ featured work from Avenged Sevenfold guitars Synyster Gates. Their new album is due to be released this year. So, to round off our Matt paragraph, lets hear a little from AxeWound shall we? Please enjoy the wonderful ‘Cold’ -
Female alternative- Kat or Pat perhaps? It’s a rhyme, it’s similar.

5- Christopher/Chris (14)

Halfway through our list of great names to give your kid if you want them to be a rockstar is Christopher, or Chris, if you’re a less formal parent. One such famous Chris from the world of rock is Soundgarden frontman, former Audiosalve vocalist and previous Jesus lookalike Chris Cornell. Born Christopher Boyle in 1964 in the home of grunge music, Seattle, Washington, it was only natural Chris front one of the big four of grunge music. A loner who turned to rock music to escape, Chris was in a covers band name The Shemps in the early 80s. It was here he met future Soundgarden bassist Hiro Yamamoto (unsurprising the only Hiro on our list), and after The Shemps broke up, the two stayed in contact and through various jam sessions, Soundgarden was born. The band had a fourteen year solid run before tensions forces them to split in 1994. After a few years as a solo artist, Chris was invited to fill the gap left by Zach De La Rocha at Rage Against The Machine, who were remained Audioslave under their new vocalist. The band had three albums, three Grammy nominations and became the first band from American to play an outside concert in Cuba before the Rage Against The Machine reunion tour in 2007 spilt Audioslave up, leaving Chris free to rejoin Soindgarden in 2010. Since then, the band have headlined Lollapalooza, appeared on hit chat show ‘Conan’ and released the official song for the 2012 global box office smash ‘Avengers Assemble’. But, this paragraph isn’t about Soundgarden, it’s about the man who owns a restaurant in Paris, the man with a four octave voice, the man, the myth, the legend that is Chris Cornell. So, to celebrate him, here is without a doubt his most successful solo song to date, the theme to the 2006 James Bond film ‘Casino Royale’- ‘You Know My Name’
Female Alternative- Christina. Another easy one.

4- Robert/Rob/Bob (14)

Fourth place on our list with fourteen points is Robert, and all it’s derivatives. One such derivative is Robert Trujillo, best known as the current bassist for thrash metal titans Metallica. Born in 1964 in Santa Monica, Califronia, Robert first gained fame as the bassist for thrash band Suicidal Tendencies. Throughout the 90s he frequently played bass for Ozzy Osbourne before filling the pretty big shoes of Jason Newsted as Metallica’s new bassist. He joined Kirk Hammet, Lars Ulrich (both of whom share completely original names that we could find) and James Hetfield (who is one of nine Jameses) just in time to miss out on playing on the band’s eight studio album ‘St. Anger’ but appears in all the music videos for singles from that album. Credit stealer. So, in tribute to Robs everywhere, here’s a song from Robert’s first album of actually playing with the band, enjoy the lead single from 2008’s ‘Death Magnetic’- here’s ‘Cyanide’
Female alternative- Roberta or Robin. I prefer Robin personally but hey, they ain’t my kids.

3- David/Dave (Dave Grohl) (22)

It’s almost the end of our list to find the best name to have to be a rockstar, but there’s still a few more names to go and this is number three. Twenty-two people in total across the bands we reviewed had the name David or Dave, but there was obviously only one we could pick to write about. David Eric Grohl was born in Warren, Ohio in 1969 and has lived an incredible life. You should all know the story, but I’ll give it brief, just to jog your memories. Dave joined grunge metal titans Nirvana full-time in 1990 and played on their biggest hit record ‘Nevermind’ which catapulted Nirvana into the mainstream. He was Nirvana’s longest serving drummer, also playing on their third studio album ‘In Utero’ and on the live album ‘MTV Unplugged- Live in New York’ that spawned Nirvana’s now famous cover of ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ originally by David Bowie. Then, tragedy. In 1994, Kurt Cobain, Nirvana’s lead singer and guitarist, took his own life and left a whole in the world that would never be filled. Grohl was distraught, Nirvana disbanded and it looked like the end. But Dave was resilient, so instead of giving up, he did what he did best- played music. He took a brief turn as drummer for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and was even rumoured to be the new Pearl Jam drummer, but it was a 1994 demo tape that caught the attention of Capitol Records. Not wanted to go solo, Dave recruited former Nirvana touring mate Pat Smear (one of two Patricks, in case you missed that last time) bassist Nate Mendel (the only Nate we could find) and drummer William Goldsmith (one of nine Williams, again) and with that, the Foo Fighters were born. Eleven Grammys, three Brits, three Kerrang! awards and two MTV video awards for ‘Big Me’ and ‘Walk’, the Foos are without a doubt one of the best bands of this generation, and with a new album out this year, we can’t wait to see what they do next. But it was Nirvana that started it all, so I think we should put the video for Dave as the one where it all started, Nirvana’s biggest hit- ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. God bless the Grohl
Female Alternative- Davina. I think that’s close enough.

2- Jonathan/John (John Bonham) (27)

So, it’s the penultimate name in our countdown, but has your name been mentioned yet? Well, if your name is Jonathan or John, it has now! And twenty seven times as well. The featured John in this paragraph is another drummer, perhaps the greatest rock drummer of all time. We are of course talking about Led Zepplin’s fallen star- John Bonham. Born in Redditch, Worcestershire in 1980, Bonzo first became interested in the drums aged five, when he would make himself a ‘kit’ out of coffee tins. He receives his first proper drum kit aged fifteen, but never in his whole life received a formal drum lesson, learning instead through tips and advice given to him by fellow drummers and through his own curiosity. John’s headmaster at school was quoted to have said ‘He will either end up a dust an or a millionaire’. It’s fairly obvious he was correct. Bonham was recruited by former Yardbirds’s (Eric Clapton’s old band) guitarist Jimmy Page (real name James) to join vocalist Robert Plant for a new project, originally named the New Yardbirds, but later renamed as Led Zepplin. Zepplin would become one of the pioneers of what we call Heavy Metal music today, with songs like ‘Stairway To Heaven’ and ‘Whole Lotta Love’ become icons of the 1970s and what it brought about. Bonzo’s distinctive drumming style was due to his use of incredibly long, incredibly hard sticks, which he called ‘trees’. This created a huge sound that would sometimes ruin whole recordings, much to Page’s chagrin. But, Bonham’s life was a firework one- loud and colourful, but over all too soon. On 24th September 1980, Bonham and Zepplin assistant Rex King stopped for breakfast on the way to a rehearsal. Bonham’s breakfast consisted of four quadruple vodka shots, totalling sixteen shots in all. He contained to drink heavily throughout the day and eventually collapsed at Jimmy Page’s house that evening. He was found dead the next morning by bassist John Paul Jones and Zepplin manager Benji LeFevre. He was thirty two. Bonham may be long gone but his legacy lives on not only in the work Led Zepplin, who continue to be a dominant force in rock music, as shown by the Grammy they won just last year (2013), but in his family. His mother, Joan Bonham died in February 2011, but was one of the lead vocalists in ‘The Zimmers’ a forty piece band made entirely of old age pensioners. Anyone with a good memory will recall them singing ‘(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)’ on Britain’s Got Talent in 2012. John’s son, Jason, is also an accomplished rock drummer, playing in such bands as Foreigner, UFO and Black Country Communion (Joe Bonnamassa’s band). In 2013 he joined Led Zepplin for their ‘Celebration Day’ album, a live concert of sixteen of the best Zepplin tunes. And here’s one of them, in memory of Bonzo, and in tribute to John’s everywhere, please enjoy, from the ‘Celebration Day’ concert, ‘Kashmir’-
Female alternative- Joan or Joanna. That’ll do.

1- Michael/Mike/Mikey (32)

So, here it is, the name most likely to get your kid world famous as a rockstar. Yep, this is all your child needs, except maybe talent, and a cool haircut but still. The name in question is Michael and all it’s derivatives, of which there are a whopping thirty two of across the world of rock and metal. The one we’ve gone for to write about is one of the famous Way brothers, kings of pop-punk and leaders of the Black Parade. Michael James Way, better known as Mikey, was born 1980 in Newark, New Jersey. Mikey and his brother Gerard’s first concert was a Smashing Pumpkin’s gig, during which Mikey turned to his brother and said ‘We have to do this’. And they did. My Chemical Romance releases four albums, including ‘The Black Parade’ which was number two in both the UK and US. It also reached number one… in New Zealand, the band’s only chart-topper in any country. The band announced their break up in 2013, leaving behind a legacy unlike any other band of the modern era. Millions of fans worldwide, MCR touched all of their lives, changing, shaping, sometimes even saving those who needed it most. Who knows, maybe someone at an MCR gig turned to their brother and said ‘We have to do this’. My Chemical Romance are one of the bands of this generation, and Mikey helped them to this achievement. So, to round off our list, let’s raise a glass to Mikey and his band, with the lead single from their newly release Greatest Hits, please enjoy ‘Fake Your Death’-
Female alternative- Michelle. That’s a nice one to finish one.

That’s all folks, our definitive guide to the names of Rock. If your name is on here, or if you’d like to know what it scored then get in touch with us, we’re always here, seriously, we have like, no social life. It’s a real problem. Anyway, I digress, thanks for reading and hopefully we’ll see you real soon for our next list. Thanks!

- Jacob T. Simmons